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  - DC Drum & Bass crew including Slant, Stress & Andy.
611 Records
  - Philly's number one connection for electronica culture.
Bad Company
  - Producers of The Nine, 4 Days & Nitrous.
  - San Francisco based site with loads of Real Audio.
Breakbeat Science
  - New York's premier Drum & Bass record store.
Compound Records
  - The west coast's top all Drum & Bass record store.
  - Do we need to say anything?
Direct Drive
  - New York City's Saturday Night D&B party.
Drum'n'Bass Arena
  - Most extensive UK Drum & Bass site.
Freaky Flow
  - Known as one of the top junglists from North America.
GFS Productions
  - The Philly based funk home of J.Smooth, JG and Rune.
Grooverider/Prototype Recordings
  - The one and only... UK Legend - Groooooverider!
  - Internet Drum & Bass Broadcast (Thurs 6-9pm est)
Instinctive Grooves
  - Northern Virginia Based Promoters and Djs.
In The Mix
  - WMUC 88.1FM Radio Broadcast, Thurs.12-3am est
  - The infamous British Pirate Radio station.

Knowledge Magazine
  - One of UK's finest breakbeat literature.
  - Home of some of UK's finest Drum & Bass artists.
Moving Shadow
  - UK's finest funk connection for Drum & Bass.
Nu Breed
  - Uk Drum & Bass label.
  - Home of Max & Eternal.
Pollen Family
  - DC based event coordinator
  - UK Radio Station broadcasting electronica.
  - One of the most popular rave web sites in the world!
Sessions1 Radio
  - Live show Thursday hosted by the Ruffneck Playaz Crew
  - San Fransisco site for Drum & Bass news.
  - Philadelphia junglists crew.
Suburban Base Records
  - Pioneers of the American Drum & Bass movement.
The Battery
  - WMUC 88.1FM (Fridays 4-6pm est) Live Drum & Bass Djs
Timeless Recordings
  - UK Drum & Bass label; Lee, Digital, Total Science, etc...
True Playaz
  - Known as the Ganja Kru; Zinc, Hype, Pascal, etc...
Vital Vinyl
  - Online Record Store w/ gear, clothing, tickets, etc...

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